Campaigners call for DNP pills to

Campaigners call for DNP pills to
  • Campaigners call for DNP pills to be turn famous as a class-C drug
  • Four British people have been killed after holding a fat-burning pills
  • Drug causes metabolism to speed up, blazing fat though causing overheating

Emily Davies


02:46 GMT, 15 Jan 2014


10:24 GMT, 15 Jan 2014

Fat-burning diet pills that have caused 60 deaths worldwide should be criminialized in a UK, victims’ families have urged.

Campaigners have called for DNP pills to be personal as a class-C drug so possession of a pills would be a crime.

Four British people have been killed from holding a drug, and some-more than 60 deaths have been attributed to DNP worldwide.

Campaigners have called for DNP diet pills – that have killed 60 people worldwide – to be criminialized in a UK

DNP – dinitrophenol – is straightforwardly accessible on a internet in £30 or £50 batches.

It causes a body’s metabolism to speed up, blazing fat while causing extreme overheating. Warnings online such as ‘the extreme and crude use of DNP can lead to death!’ mostly do not deter dieters.

On one site, a user said: ‘DNP is pristine hell. Body temp can spike as high as 105-108 degrees… any aloft and your mind will grill and you’d improved be prepared to make wake arrangements.’

DNP user Chris Mapletoft, 18, died in Jun 2013 usually one day after holding his final A-level exam. His mother, Lesley, believes that if a drug had been criminalised her son would have been put off.

She told The Guardian: ‘Chris was not a careless child. I’m certain he would not have taken it if he knew it was an bootleg drug. He was unequivocally opposite drugs. He didn’t smoke, didn’t unequivocally drink.’

DNP user Chris Mapletoft, 18, died in Jun 2013 usually one day after holding his final A-level exam

Mrs Mapletoft pronounced nonetheless her son was sporty, he was not a physique builder and she believes he took DNP in sequence to demeanour ‘perfect’ for a holiday to Ayia Napa with his peers.

Police told her that if they tracked down a owners of a website who sole a pills to her son they might be means to counsel them.

She added: ‘And we usually think, sorry, a son has died and other people have died – caution? That’s something we get if we scrape a bar of chocolate, isn’t it?’

Other British victims embody Sean Cleathero, a 28-year-old father who died final March; Sarmad Alladin, an 18-year-old bodybuilder who died in February; and Sarah Houston, a medicine tyro who died in Sep 2012.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority is unable to anathema use of DNP as a drug since it is not a pharmaceutical.

The Food Standards Agency can step in if DNP is sole for tellurian consumption, though as a horsemeat liaison showed, coercion opposite abroad suppliers is problematic.

Cheryl Gillan, MP for Chesham and Amersham, met with families and member of a military and regulatory authorities about a best march of action.

She said: ‘I’m looking during either it will be useful to have DNP brought underneath a Misuse of Drugs Act [as a class-C]. My aim would be to make certain that this drug is not marketed as a weight-loss drug.’

Another victim: Sarah Houston, a medicine tyro from Leeds University, died in Sep 2012

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Portsmouth, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

People know a risks and they still select to take them. Unfortunately there is unequivocally tiny that can be finished about that. And creation something bootleg will not change this,, it will simply make it a tiny some-more untimely to buy them. Sad though true. My heart goes out to people who have mislaid desired ones since of injustice of this drug.

John Preston,

Stoke on Trent,

2 weeks ago

How many of these deaths were caused by people overdosing in an try to bake off a fat quicker.
In a time these 60 deaths occurred have many deaths were caused by improper use of over a opposite pain killers and medication drugs. we will usually gamble a series runs into a thousands.
So should we anathema those too?

Freedom of Speach,

here, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

Do any of these campaigners splash ethanol that has killed millions universe far-reaching or fume or expostulate or take aspirin?



2 weeks ago

If it is indeed dangerous because would it be a category C? All ‘dangerous’ drugs are category A, If it indeed causes deaths from normal use it is some-more dangerous than any normal drugs that people worry about.


Peterborough, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

No discuss of a people who forced a people who died to take a openly accessible drugs. Why sequence to anathema something that is used utterly successfully by others? This stupid enterprise for a anathema will usually fuel bootleg supply and make not one singular bit of disproportion to those dynamic to use it. However of march a eager mind passed anathema it all brigade will have a margin day, gay that they have any played a tiny partial on curtailing a leisure of others.


Bath, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

60 deaths. Yet statins have killed hundreds. Can we anathema these first.

Waldo McQueen,

Whitley Bay, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

These deaths are a outcome of people not following scold dose elementary as that. Same goes for other drugs.

Davey Sprockett,

London, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

Even gifted bodybuilders and other strength/fitness athletes bashful divided from these and with good reason. Definitely not something a amateur should usually sequence willy nilly and start holding but doing any kind of research. My recommendation would be to stay away, there are other distant safer fat burners legally accessible that are also utterly effective if we contingency go down that route. Or otherwise usually arrange your diet and practice out and be studious rather than design present results!


London, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

Any kind of breach will means some-more mistreat than good. If people wish these pills they will get them somehow, and their illegality will boost a risk of polluted pills and block anyone from seeking assistance if they get into trouble.


Surrey, United Kingdom,

2 weeks ago

If people are that unfortunate to remove weight afterwards they should speak with their GP about Xenical or alternatives that are safer and prescriptions only. But if people wish to buy these pills they will, anathema or no ban.

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