Case Study Journal for Jason Moser's Weight Loss Plan!

Case Study Journal for Jason Moser's Weight Loss Plan!

This is the case study journal for Jason Moser showing his progress, lessons learned, and product reviews as he strives to achieve his weight loss goal of 40 pounds in one year.

This case study is designed to track Jason''s progress throughout his journey, sharing his lessons learned and his recommendations along the way.

He is also looking to mentor people on the same path he''s taking. If you are interested in achieving Perfect Body Health once and for all, check out the cleansing and weight loss system I am using to achieve my body transformation goals. If you would like to know more about the system or if you are interested in reaching a specific goal with your health, fitness, or body, please contact Jason Moser regarding this case study journal to learn more information.

My official starting measurements were on the Jason Moser page, so I won''t re-post them here.

5-1-2011 - Official start date of my weight loss and cleansing program. I couldn''t wait to get started with my cleansing and weight loss products. They were sitting on the counter for three days before I started the system. The instructions were very easy to understand and easy to blend into my day. The products were great also, and for diving right into it, the first day was very easy and I wasn''t plagued with hunger the whole day.

5-8-11 - Today is my first weight in after starting my cleansing and weight loss routine. I feel great, I have more energy, and am not feeling starved, even though I''m only eating one actual healthy meal a day. My other two meals are nutritional meal replacement shakes and healthy snacks two times a day. Below is a scale shot and results from my first weigh in on day 8.

Very happy with my results so far. Can''t wait for the next weigh in.

5-17-11 - Still doing well with all of the products as well as my exercise routine. Slowed down a little bit on the work out because of my job. Need to pick it back up. Still going down in weight and inches.

5-31-11 - Things are going very slow right now. I find that my weight loss has plateaued at 188.8 pounds right now. It''s totally my fault though. I think every weekend this month I''ve had a cook out or have gone out to eat with family and haven''t been following my weight loss program to the letter. At least I am maintaining my weight which is very inspiring since all of my past attempts have rebounded within a week or two of slowing down or plateauing.

NEW GOAL: This coming month I am hitting it hard and will start losing again. I do have a week long vacation planned so I can see how easy it is to maintain my weight while away from home.

6-19-11 - Well, I survived my vacation without gaining all of my weight back. In fact, it stayed exactly 186.4 pounds from the time I left for my vacation until the time I returned. Now back to 100 percent participation with my cleansing and weight loss system.

6-30-11 - Made a little progress, but the weight loss has seemed to slow way down again. I''m down to 182.6 pounds now. This part of my journey has been the hardest because I want to jump on the scale every day. Still going strong with the cleansing and nutritional replenishment.

7-7-11 - Woohoo! I finally made it to a huge benchmark with my weight loss! I just got off the scale and it said 179.6 pounds! I''m finally below 180! I haven''t been below 180 pounds in over 10 years! Feeling psyched and ready to shoot for 160, my overall one year weight loss goal. Haven''t been their in probably 15 years. Very excited if you can''t tell.

7-30-11 Did my 2 month weigh in and was happy with all of my results. I have lost a total of 24.75 inches all around my body (14 key measurement points) which included a total of 5 inches off of my waist. I weighed 177.4 today, so my total weight loss to date is 23.4 pounds. That is a BMI of 27.78; still overweight but only 3 more to go until I get back to normal!

8-8-11 About a week ago today, I quit chewing tobacco cold turkey, a nasty bad habit I had for many years. This was my last bad habit (really bad), and so far I have survived. In a way, I wasn''t ready to quit chewing, but this was the last unhealthy thing I was doing and it wasn''t doing me justice inside and out.

Unfortunately, I have been fluctuating between 174.6 (my lowest so far) and 178. It is frustrating, but I know my body is finally getting rid of all the nicotine and other poisons and is trying to get used to the idea. Nicotine has been a proven hunger suppressant, and I definitely see why. Food cravings have been terrible.

I also realize that my body is also building muscle and reshaping itself so my weight will fluctuate. I even had a person I hadn''t seen in over a month notice my weight loss. That is a good feeling.

I am very happy with my case study journal and with what my body looks and feels like right now. My muscles are more tone all over my body, my skin looks more alive, my joints feel stronger and no longer hurt, and my endurance is getting better. Hopefully I can get these food cravings under control.

8-25-11 Still hanging right around 174.8. Definitely glad I have successfully gotten off of nicotine and that the urges are no longer there. Food cravings have gone away again and I feel great. I just started a new supplement today called Product B and I''m very excited to see the results of this anti-aging/age reversing marvel. I will definitely let you know what I think about this new supplement.

More case study journal updates will follow for Jason Moser''s case study journal.

Be sure to visit back to my case study journal page of Perfect Body Health to continue with me on my case study journal. You only live once and you want your life to be as long and prosperous as humanly possible. Understanding how your body works is a big part of how healthy you will live it.

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