Best Fitness BlogsIt is difficult to

Best Fitness BlogsIt is difficult to

Best Fitness Blogs

It is difficult to say when you should lose weight, some feel the need to do so because of 2 kilograms overweight, and others do not realize it until the doctor tells them. "The most sensible approach - says Sara, owner of Deus center of Koper in Slovenia - would be to lose weight as soon as you can see that the balance salt.

If a timely manner it is easier and faster. “What matters, of course, you want to lose weight for them and feel you want to change something in their lives.

It can happen that people start with the momentum loss diet but then fail to be consistent. How you can help people who have this difficulty? The hard struggle with extra pounds never ends. And those risks to undermine the initial results already achieved?


"Motivation - Sara responds - is important when it comes to reshaping your body. For those who do not make it alone, the best choice is controlled weight loss. In our center Hypoxia Island not only monitor our customers but we also try to motivate them so that they can continue with the remodeling of his body. The hardest part is definitely the beginning. Usually when you lose weight with diets do-it-yourself, then you lose just 2 pounds for a while do not descend more. It is then that usually gets lost the determination and we give up.

At centers like ours, these risks are minimized, because action is not based primarily on a low calorie diet: the method Hypoxia and a balanced diet, the pounds fall almost alone, and so after the first sessions motivation is still here, quite the contrary. When one realizes that his pants after just a few more meetings did not shake and you lose cm right where the need is greatest, we feel even more motivated."


A woman of fifty who want to lose four kilos, how much time must take into account before you see appreciable results?

"With the method Hypoxia you see the first results after 2 weeks, or when you compare the new measures with those of the first session. In this case, a woman aged 50 who wants to lose 4 kilos can achieve a good degree of satisfaction in 4 or 5 weeks. The result would change if he decided to combine the base-specific anti-cellulite treatments and those for the skin smooth and firm. With the help of machines in our center we have seen that on average you lose a size in just 4 weeks.

And a man of the same age with a six kilos overweight?

"For a man can say that losing weight is easier than for a woman. With our help a man end up treatment after about 6 weeks, but what they should be careful not time but the result. Usually a man has lost 80% of fat accumulated in the abdomen, and Hypoxia this goal is achievable. "

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