Have a Direction: Don't be stressed

Have a Direction: Don't be stressed

Have a Direction: Don''t be stressed

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Open up and stretch toward the light!!

Maybe goal-setting seems too stressful to you. Have you considered the possibility that it’s not the goal-setting that’s stressful – but, rather, the shape of the goal setter? Are you a balloon or a tree? Balloons keep getting stressed to the limits with busyness, until they pop or gradually deflate; trees keep stretching up toward the light, as their root systems continually spread out in all directions, tapping into unseen sources of nourishment and forming an ever-stronger base for this radiant life force, this supporter of many species from the birds that nest in its branches, to the insects that feast upon its wood, sap, and leaves.

The buoyancy of a balloon depends on its degree of impermeability – on the separateness of the air inside from the air outside. The vigor of a tree, in contrast, depends on its degree of interconnectedness with all the surrounding ecosystems. If you want to transform yourself from a fragmented balloon to a stalwart and ever-regenerating tree, your first breath must be an exhaling of the competitive, us against them, mentality, and an inhaling of the drive toward oneness and finding common ground with all other living things.

Say goodbye to your old assumption that lots of people have to lose in order for a few to win, and say hello to unlimited, unfolding possibilities for symbiosis and win-win situations. It’s time to slip down to your roots, and think about the things that really make you happy. Stop caring about being a perfect ten and meeting the goals that those around you think are essential: start caring about being a whole and complete you. When your goal is life, and your journey is toward the light, stretching does not stress: it invigorates.

Seeds start small, and your first breaths of life will be tiny compared to your future capacity. Begin by identifying one or a few ways in which you are cutting yourself off from life and health – then make like a tree, and direct your mental roots toward finding and connecting with new lifestyle-directions that will help you feel more love, more energy, and more hilarity. Start small and let the growth happen, as it most certainly will!

Guest Post by Sarah of Wedding Planning Advice , a blog for brides providing honest and unbiased wedding advice, ideas, and tips. Check out our beautiful collection of free wedding widgets.

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Hi, found google to your this blog and it appeard funny but after refresh site displayed fine. Just thought id let you know and keep up the good work.

Epic site I’m so glad I stumbled here through my friend’s blog, Going to need to add this one to the blogroll.

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Excellent read. loved it, looking forward to seeing more stuff.

This post makes a lot of sense !

I’m glad we agree about this. I read every day and just stopping by to say thanks!

Any other solid sites for stress management?

Ok and thanks for stopping by.

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