It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Share a memory!

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! Share a memory!

If I ask you to send a text or write an e-mail it is usually not a problem. If I ask you to send a handwritten note, suddenly you are paralyzed and don’t know what to write.

Why? I believe it’s the really personal act of handwriting a note. You want to make it special or unique or you are afraid of sounding dumb.

None of that matters because just the act of sending a handwritten note will be so appreciated.

Here is a hint that will help. Simple and doable. Share a memory. This flash of brilliance came to me the other day when two of my grandchildren kept popping out of their beds refusing to go to sleep and this Grandma was worn out ( in a good way but still worn out).

I told them we were having a contest to see who could go to sleep the fastest. Worked like a charm. I smiled when it worked because many years ago when my sister and I would not go to sleep my Mom’s best friend, Dorothy, gave us the same challenge.

Dorothy left us years ago but my parents still keep in contact with her daughter, Kathy. I thought she would appreciate hearing that I still think of her Mom and maybe many years from now my granddaughters will have the same kind of contest with their children or even grandchildren!

I had to some sleuthing to find her address but it was worth it and she so appreciated my note.

Simple, heartfelt and doable. Share a memory with someone today.

Makes me smile just thinking about it!