What’s the perfect Super Bowl party food?

What’s the perfect Super Bowl party food?

What’s the perfect Super Bowl party food?

Need some good ideas. Give me anything except chips and dip because i already know that’s awesome haha. thanks.

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PIZZA, CHIPS and somethin alcoholic. GO BEARS!!

Buffalo Wings. . . . . . . . . hands down best football food!!!!

Personally on Super Bowl Sunday I love a baked potato bar. You can put them in the oven whent the game starts and then at half time they are ready to go. Have salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream, olives, chilli, butter and ALL the fixin’s. It’s great half time meal and pleases just about everyone!

I also love quesidilla. That’s a pretty easy thing to fix (all little roasted peppers chopped, grated cheese and some chopped chicken) throw it between a couple tortillas (I do three at a time on a cookie sheet in the oven). Brush with olive oil or butter and cook for just about 10 minutes on 400 degree oven. YUM!

three bite mini burgers. . . shanghai lumpia (fried mini rolls with meat , vegetables, or seafood ( or a combination of ) in them, cheese tray with a good assortment (cubed is easiest to handle), hot wings/ strips with chilled shots of tequila. . .

Most people would say wings. Thier so messy and like my son says theres not enough of it. My favorite is a thing called a layered pizza but its different and filling. First you make a simple pizza crust wiht bisquik. after thats done. 1st layer refried beans, #2 sour cream,#3 shredded lettuce. #4 chopped onions, #5 black olives, and of course shredded cheddar on top. Well it depends on what you you like but this is more simple then most S. B> sundays. Have fun

Why, it’s Jerry Rice Pudding, of course! No one ever thinks about dessert for these things. . .

Here’s where you can get the recipe. . . http://wehow. ehow. com/how_2021671_rice-pudding-super-bowl-party. html

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