Bébésounds Nasal Clear Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator reviews Health Coverage Stocks

Bébésounds Nasal Clear Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator reviews  Health Coverage Stocks

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Bébésounds Nasal Clear Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator reviews

Bébésounds Nasal Clear Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator by Graco Baby

Plays 12 childrens tunes to help distract your child..

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Reviews By Ray S : Date January 10, 2008 After using this for about 2 months on our now 6-month old, we are glad that we have this available to us, but the good old hospital bulb aspirator does a better job most of the time. This is because the bulb creates a short, high-velocity suction that causes the rush of air to pull along whatever is down there (or is it up there?), whereas the battery-operated unit has a constant, low-speed suction that only sucks in what the tip actually contacts.

There is at least one situation where this is an advantage it worked much better than the bulb when she had a very runny nose due to a cold. In this case, the constant suction really kept pulling out more mucus, whereas the bulb could only suck a little each time.

So overall, we are happy to have another option, but it isnt usually the best tool for the job.

Reviews By Penny Matzelle : Date August 14, 2008 Some of the reviewers are saying that the suction is not strong enough for thick mucus. This is not mucus you should be trying suck from your infants head regardless, until youve loosened it up. A quick spray or dripping of something like Little Noses or Ocean saline nasal spray will do the job of loosening up mucus nicely and quickly. Apply a few drops into each nasal passage with baby lying down, let it work for a minute or two, and then suck away using the wide tip rather than the long thin tip. The wide tip forms a better seal over babys nose and is not as invasive as the longer thinner one. This is a great product for sure!! Soooo much better than the bulbs of old. Quicker to use, so less torture for your baby and when used properly, it gets out so much more mucus than a manual bulb.

Reviews By Teendoc : Date July 5, 2007 Ive got to wonder about the person who came up with this little gadget. A musical snot sucker. Genius!

We all know that the blue bulb syringe is a horrible torture for little noses. This battery operated nasal aspirator is a tender answer to infants prayers. It gently sucks out mucus with the accompaniment of a snippet of music. My daughter is so distracted by the music that she forgets to cry.

My only quibble is that I wish the suction were a little stronger. That is the only thing that moved this rating from 5 to 4 stars. Yet when you compare the product to the bulb syringe, this is a 5 star product all the way. Im recommending it to all my friends.

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