Health Sculptures: Boiled Peanut chat

Health Sculptures: Boiled Peanut chat

My love story with fitness and health.

A mouth watering snack that is very simple to make and full of protein, inspired from the street shops across Marina Beach.

Did I tell you that I recently visited India? And I also visited the world famous Marina Beach in Chennai after so many years. I could not resist getting lot of chat from the shops across the street and stuff myself. It was an one day thing and I just indulged. I had chili bajji, peanut chat, grilled corn and raw mangoes sprinkled with chili and salt. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and realized what I have been missing all these days. Sighhhhh!!. But still thank you! I cannot afford to eat like this every weekend :). So here is the recipe inspired by that peanut chat. It is home made and did not take more than 5 minutes if we leave boiling the peanuts part.Ingredients:Boiled Peanuts - 1 cup (raw peanuts soaked in water for 4 hours and cooked in pressure cooker for 4-5 whistles)

This is the best part. Mix everything and garnish with cilantro and you are ready to go!Tips : Please note that I used raw and boiled peanuts here. I liked adding more carrot since it added vitamins. If you don''t have chat masala, just add little pepper. Lemon juice just makes it up!

Enjoy! Check this out for other healthy snack ideas

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